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COVID-19: The Hand Sanitizer Craze

We are in a time where the Coronavirus epidemic is spreading like wildfire across nations and seas. COVID-19 is the number one trending topic across the board. People are spreading it through contact, coughing, traveling, and it just created an unforeseen domino effect. From what we have gathered, people who are dying from the virus are the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

The media has been pushing new updates on the current epidemic with more reports of people dying and numbers of the infected increasing. This has created a panic, understandably, and people all over have been starting to load their grocery carts because the news of a possible shut down has been the following topic. Due to this, people have been stocking up on water, toilet paper, foods, and disinfectants. What I wanted to share with you guys today is my amazement in how fast hand sanitizer sold out once everyone got into a panic.

Hand sanitizer, as stated on most bottles, is used for killing 99% Germs. Not Viruses, but Germs. Germs and Viruses are two different cellular entities. Now, it is great to practice important cleanly measures to stay germ and virus free, but hand sanitizer will not stop any virus. Here is why using hand sanitizer is not great in today's current situation:

1) Antibiotic resistance: there is a substance in hand sanitizer called Triclosan, which can contribute to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Hand sanitizer can also lower your resistance to diseases because it will not only kill bad bacteria, but good bacteria as well! There have been a study that tests that overuse can harm you more than protect you.

2) Weaker Immune System: the property Triclosan, has been studied to show its affects on disrupting human functions. Hurting your immune system can lead to your body going haywire. Other issues it has shown to cause are abnormal endocrine system/thyroid hormone signaling.

3) Toxic Chemicals: If you must know, companies are not always required to share what ingredients they use in certain products. Some scented sanitizers are made up of several chemicals. Look out for scantily regulated chemicals like paragons and phthalates, for they can be in the make-up of hand sanitizers.

After learning this, the best advice is to use hand soap. Soap cleans & protects your largest organ, the skin, by washing away viruses and bacteria off the surface. Soap typically has less chemicals depending on the brand. You can consult your Dr, but I am confident most doctors would strongly recommend using hand soap. Try to find natural soap bars. I suggest buying brands like Dr. Bronner's, Tom's of Maine, African Black Soap, and Roots & Fruits.

Next time, you want to prepare for the sick season, or outbreaks such as COVID-19 please continue to practice good hygiene, eat well, drink lots of water, and please lay off the hand sanitizer.

OJ over and out.

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